Thursday, August 25, 2005

Dear Dhkalsjda

I feel conflicted. Should I link to Mad? I want everyone to be friends because we all want the same things in life, to be close to Mommy and Daddy who are most beautiful people in the world beside Paris Latsis (My BF)

Here is why I love Paris so much.

1. Handsome
2. He is from another country = exotic, good taste. No Similac.
3. He has tribal tattoos.
4. He is a college student = smart
5. He has teeth.
6. I love him okay.

Worthington just put on the Baby Bjorn which is my cue so I will hop in it and ride down to the kitchen for my Ba.




At 11:36 AM, Blogger Nana said...

PLEASE stop saying that you like paris, he's an idiot, he dates paris hilton, your mommy is not going to like it ó.ô

At 12:45 PM, Blogger Topper said...

link to him, hes linked to you. it would be cruel not to.

At 12:49 PM, Blogger Zahara Jolie said...

okaaaaaaay. fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

At 7:34 PM, Blogger anonymous said...

poor you

At 10:47 PM, Blogger Chloe said...

This is hilarous. Please, please, don't stop.

At 11:19 PM, Blogger Zahara Jolie said...

Thank you. When I laugh Enfamil comes out my nose.


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