Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Dear diorama,

I just started a new band and it isn't called Zahara and the Wailers like Mad said. First let me tell you who is in my band. Worthington is and my goldfish, Paris Latsis is and Daddy is and Mad says he is but he doesn't want to rehearse so I am going to have to replace him.

I think my friend, Lucy will take his place. Lucy is the similac fairy. Our band is called ZAHARA DESSERT because dessert is so sweet like chocolate. I ask Mommy for chocolate Similac and she make it for me. Cool.

I have to go burp now. Bye.



Monday, August 29, 2005

Dear Dryereya,

I am cute and I am on the cover of PEOPLE and my mother's love saved me. I am lucky because my Mommy is the prettiest Mommy in the entire world.

This person is not my Mommy. Duh.


Zahara Jolie

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Dear Diahereahara,

Today I was en People Magazine. So was Mad. I saw that they tell about his Blog but I was on the cover so THERE. How many 7 month old babies are on the cover of PEOPLE? I am very importante. (Worthington is teaching me espanol because he is Chilean.) I linked to Mad because I am a good hermana and the hermana always gets mas famous anyway. That is what I was discusssing with Worthington Juarez.

For instance:

1. Julia & Erik Roberts
2. Jessica and Bart Simpson
3. Patricia and David Arquette
4. Stephen and Alec Baldwin
5. Jennifer and George Lopez (espanol)
6. Paris and Nikki Hilton
7. Mandy and Michael Moore.
8. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck
7. Janet and Jermaine Jackson
9. Penelope and Tom Cruise
10. Katie and John Holmes

So I will probably be really a lot mas famous than Mad even though he is older and has a mowhawk. My hair will be braided with real gold so there because girls rule. Every day I get more smart and more beautiful and more interesante and PEOPLE want to know about me and write me letters on my email. Thank you. I read them and then I spit up. I love Enfamil but sometimes I hurl. Similac smells. Mommy's movie is wicked. (Uncle Matt Damon taught me that wicked = cool) Matt is handsome but not as handsome as Paris Latsis. He is my boyfriend, don't you know?

I go to bed now. I love you, diariorea.



Dear Dhkalsjda

I feel conflicted. Should I link to Mad? I want everyone to be friends because we all want the same things in life, to be close to Mommy and Daddy who are most beautiful people in the world beside Paris Latsis (My BF)

Here is why I love Paris so much.

1. Handsome
2. He is from another country = exotic, good taste. No Similac.
3. He has tribal tattoos.
4. He is a college student = smart
5. He has teeth.
6. I love him okay.

Worthington just put on the Baby Bjorn which is my cue so I will hop in it and ride down to the kitchen for my Ba.



Dear Diarama,

This is me, okay. I smile.

Bye for now,


Dear Diereyaha,

Here is a pic of Paris.



Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Day in My Diaherea

Dear Diarieaha,

Today I was beautiful for the cameras and say cheese. I like Enfamil. It is way better than Similac. I can't type yet but I can communicate with my eyes. I have pretty eyes. They are big and strong. Do you like my diarheareara? I am in the house with the gold chandelier. It's different from my old house. Not better, just different. Okay, I just JK'd. It's like a cazillion trillion times better. That's a lot. I can count to zero. I can't find a cute picture of myself so I go now to take one with papa rats outside. He says he my uncle. I say okay because I have fifty uncle papa ratses. I am a cover girl for Life & Style. I am a cover girl for Star and US Weekly and In Touch. I am a model daughter. I am Zahara and this is a day in my diareahaha.




p.s. i have a crush on Paris Latsis. He is in Star Magazine and so am I. Zahara + Paris 4eva.

If He's Mad, I'm Glad

I am not a copy cat. I am not. I wanted one too because I was getting all the attention and now Mad has it. Worthington told me that I am too small but I have a big brain and lots to say. I have a baby bjorn and a bracelet. I am in the big city. Mommy smells like sugarplums. Mad told me a secret and I'm not going to tell you. It's none of your business, thats why. I love you. Love me too and read my stories. They are bedtime stories. Read them and sweet dreams. Mad has a cooties and is a dum-dum head. JK Mad. He is my brother and I live in a Baby Bjorn. A/S/L? BRB.

Tata for now. LYLAS.


P.S. Iluvu4uraqt.